ISO 14001

ISO 14000 is a family of standards relating to environmental management, and ISO 14001 defines the criteria for an Environmental Management System (EMS).

The aim of ISO 14001 is to help you continually improve your environmental performance and comply with any industry legislation and regulations.

It does this by giving you the framework for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

While the ISO framework will help you measure and understand how your activities impact the environment, it won’t tell you how to reduce that impact. You’ll need to do the work on that yourself.

However, even though having an EMS doesn’t guarantee carbon neutrality, it does give you a strategy tool that, if utilised effectively, can help you achieve it.

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What are the benefits of an EMS?

An Environmental Management System is exactly what it sounds like – a system for managing anything your business does that relates to the environment. This includes your energy use, GHG emissions, water use, wastewater outputs, waste management and so on.

A successful Environmental Management System depends on the implementation of a few key points:

Improving compliance and efficiency
Integration of environmental management with strategy
Understanding the entire product lifecycle
Getting employees engaged

Getting started

If you want help obtaining ISO 14001 certification or are interested in implementing an efficient and effective EMS, we can help. We always focus on implementing the frameworks in a way that works for your business. When this is done successfully, getting the certification is simple.

The first step is a no-obligation chat to find out more about your objectives. Then we can carry out a gap analysis to identify what actions are needed to get you ISO ready.

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